Value-Added Services

Learn more about our Distribution & Express Value-Added Services.

More flexibility for your deliveries

  • Delivery on phone appointment - Option available for your deliveries in France, and on study for other countries;
  • Deliver your consignees on Saturday morning – Option available for express deliveries in France;
  • Deliver your consignees at a set-time – Option available for express deliveries in France with Top H;
  • Manage your delivery notes: printing of your delivery notes by the delivery branch - Option available on study.

More security for your shipments

  • Enhanced liability, depending on the solution needed;
  • Cash on delivery in France and in Europe (on application);
  • Ad valorem insurance;
  • Special interest on delivery.

More fluid return- and cross-flows

  • Return flows: Manage the organisation of your returns from anywhere in Europe;
  • Cross flows: Organise your shipment from any collection place to any delivery place, in our main European areas.

More information for you and your consignees

  • Info Réseau: We inform you in case of traffic issue liable to affect delivery of your shipments;
  • Info Desti: You can request your consignee to be informed about forthcoming delivery;
  • Info Direct: You are the first to be informed in case of delivery issue in France.

More transparency with e-space

  • Collection order and preparation of your shipments, with printing of the standard transport documents;
  • Tracking of your shipments and, for shipments in Express in France, in real time;
  • Proofs of delivery signed by your consignees;
  • Duplicates of your invoices on line;
  • Details of your CO² gas emissions.



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Job offers

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